Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. of which president is Lee Hak-Sup, is one of the bamboo salt manufacturers which has earned fame in Korea.

The company, which was chosen as a designated traditional food manufacturer in 1990 by the Ministry of agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,was established in the year of 1988 and, since then, has taken part many times in a variety of internationally well-known world exhibitions such as the Foodex Japan, FMI Supermarket Show of Chicago, the nited States and Hong Kong Food Exhibition. Thanks to such activities, it has become a recognized enterprise abroad as well as at home.

The Birth Place of KAEM Bamboo-Salt, KAEAM Temple

When the bamboo salt of Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. is being manufactured, the firing is repeated eight times first and then, in the process of the final stage, the ninth firing, some amount of pine resin is dashed over the fire so as to raise the temperature. Then, the salt effuses aglow like lava. As soon as the liquid like lava coolsoff to set, it becomes a hard lump of gray colour. The bamboo salt is nothing but the lump crushed into powder.

The bamboo salt of Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. is produced through such an intricate process as described above. Because it is baked as thoroughly as nine times, the elements harmful to the human body are dissolved to vanish and there solely remain beneficial ingredients. The bamboo salt which is often called 'the salt having a greater value than gold' is the thing which is created by putting salt inside the bamboos and burning them as its name implies.

As a result of the nine times of burning, the salt lose all the noxious substances possessed earlier and, instead, absorb helpful elements from the bamboo and lose to be reborn as a bamboo salt with some mysteriousingredients. The efficacy of the bamboo salt is being recognized as broadly as it is well-known that if the people who have adult diseases or are unhealthy take this bamboo salt, they would be able to regain their health. Among the so many ingredients contained in the bamboo salt, iron promotes the resistance of our body to the various diseases and magnesium prevents cardiac paralysis by strengthening the vascular tract of the heart.

The number of the kinds of products from Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. totals fifty. Including the Kaeam bamboo salt, it produces 'Kaeam salt', which can be used for all kinds of food as flavoring, 'bamboo salt soap', which are effective for skin beauty and soybean paste, soy sauce and red pepper paste with bamboo salt.

All the products from Kaeam have gained recognition from the Ministry of welfare of Japanese government. The fact that it can export its products to Japan which administers strict import regulations by designating salt as a government monopoly good is a convincing evidence of Kaeam products obtaining recognition in the foreign markets to that extent.

Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. has been persistent to perform research and development for the purpose of pursuing quality improvement of its commodities by making the best use of the mysterious efficacy of bamboo salt. It has equipped its plants with the nation's largest kiln facilities and additional production apparatus specially manufactured with firebricks. Thanks to such investments, it has made its position firm as a leader of the bamboo salt manufacturers at home. It has its plants in Puan, Chonbuk Province and won an export promotion prize in 1994 awarded by the governor of the province.

For that purpose, Kaeam intends to develop and manufacture a variety of new products making the best use of the virtues for bamboo salt such as 'bamboo salt for beauty culture', 'bamboo salt massage gel' and bamboosalt foam cleansing etc. besides the bamboo salt soap which is now under way of brisk production.

If bamboo salt contacts the skin of our body, it vitalizes the motion of cells and consequently prevent the aging of the skin and prevent and cure various kinds of skin diseases like acnes and dermatophytosis. In addition, some elements of the bamboo salt which have the function of beautifying and bleaching our skin make up the skin of us to become clean and white.

Among the products with these functions, the massage gel is the one of Kaeam developed at the end of last year by exerting its best efforts. Because it contains sea-weeds extract, honey, chitin and so forth, it is excellent in retaining moisture and thus makes skin sleek and beautiful.

In addition to the edible bamboo salt, Kaeam has been speeding up the development and production of the beauty products and plans to continue to develop and sell foam cleansing cream, body cleaner, shampoo, etc. Since1996, Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. has produced the bamboo-salt and cosmetic products such as soap, foam cleansing, massage gel and pack by application of traditional materials like yellow-ocher, bamboo charcoal, those producs are under good response among customers in home and abroad.

It has become habitual for the Japanese tourists to stop by Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. without exception whenever they visit Korea to purchase the bamboo salt products or make use of the duty-free shops inside the airport compound for that purpose. Kaeam Trading Co.,Ltd. is striving hard ot put the bamboo salt forward as one of the goods which represent Korea in the world market as ginseng and kimchi by making the best use of its mystical efficacy.